The Tentacle Procession by Tara Pattenden.  Photograph by Katie Bennett.

10 December 2022 – 16 April 2023
Open Daily
Bringing together a collection of local and national participatory artists, we are inviting people of all ages and abilities to surrender themselves to the sublime art of play. Here you will dance, weave and move your way through six large scale installations where every action you take makes the art around you grow, change and come alive.
Experience analogue technology by weaving through a mega looms’ warp or weft (Slow Art Collective), then step into the future as your physical and digital world morph into one mixed reality (Sai Karlen). Time-warp into a subverted office of the 80s to find a hidden party and jiving pot plants (Counterpilot), explore a sound interactive environment (Tara Pattenden), enter a technicolour party (UnitePlayPerform) and embrace yourself within soft cocooned sculptures (Michelle Vine).
Museum of Brisbane
Level 3, City Hall, Brisbane
Free Entry

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