We have a new program of workshops happening at Cyber Palace for 2023 with more to be announced soon.  Check out the Cyber Palace website to learn more and book.
Mobile Sonic Devices
Saturday January 21
Join sound artist Sascha Brosamer (visiting from Berlin) and get hands on with the history of mobile sound devices. Explore how listening has changed, from the gramophone listening culture in Parisian parks during the 1920s to the boombox and smartphone 100 years later.
Intro to Electronics - Build a synth
Saturday 11th February
Build a simple square wave synthesizer, solder a circuit and learn about electronics components with Tara Pattenden.
Slow Sew Circle
Saturday 18th February
Join artist David Spooner and create your own soft sculpture
DIY Amplify
Saturday 23 February
A workshop building a small amplifier using an op amp chip with Tara Pattenden
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